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Insider: How a couple bought a castle in Scotland on a whim and turned it into a luxury Airbnb

Claire Turrell

Stef Burgon and Simon Hunt turned a 16th-century castle in Scotland into an Airbnb. It has just been voted the hottest property in the UK

In January 2014, Stef Burgon, a radio presenter at the time from the UK, saw a classified ad in a newspaper for a castle in Scotland that immediately caught her attention. "It said you could buy a Scottish castle for the price of a car park in London," she told Insider.

Burgon and her husband, Simon Hunt, a creative director from Australia, had just returned to their home in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from a three-week road trip around Scotland, and they were missing the rolling green hills and lochs.

"We said, 'Why don't we give the estate agent a call?'" Burgon said. From there, Hunt added, "it kind of spiraled out of control."

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