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Mongabay: Wild bison will once again roam England

Claire Turrell

This year, a $1.4 million project is about to release a herd of bison in an ancient English woodland, bringing back an animal that hasn’t been in the country for millennia.

Each morning as the sun rises into the sky, ranger Donovan Wright stands on the outskirts of Blean Woods in the United Kingdom. The ancient woodland in southern England covers 509 hectares (1,257 acres) and is filled with broadleaf oak trees, birch and hazel. The former South African safari ranger of 20 years is welcomed by the chirping of native birds in the treetops. He might spy an inquisitive fox or rabbit darting through the undergrowth, or find badger tracks dotted along the leaf-strewn pathways. Yet, as he walks deeper into the ancient woods, the atmosphere changes.

“It is surprisingly quiet,” Wright told Mongabay. “If you look at an aerial view, you will go, ‘Wow, it’s so green and full of life.’ But that richness and biodiversity is not there.”

But soon a new animal, the biggest land mammal in Europe, will change everything.

Read the full story on Mongabay.

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