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BBC: Indonesia's futuristic take on travel

With its tourism industry hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, Indonesia has decided to protect its future by placing its cultural heritage on Web3

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BBC: The Asian blouse that tells a tale of many cultures

There's one garment in Southeast Asia that embodies fashion, heritage and national pride. And now the kebaya is being nominated to join Unesco's Intangible Heritage List for 2023

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BBC: The ancient drink that powers Indonesia

A herbal tincture that originated in Java's royal courts more than 1,300 years ago is being given a new twist by young Indonesians

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Insider: A father-son duo built 2 vacation homes on a remote Australian island

Michael and Timmy Maxwell run Island House on Lord Howe Island, Australia. They live on the 400-person island and rent out two guest houses they built. Chris Hemsworth was the first visitor in 2020, and rates now are $3,250 to $6,200 a night

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Insider: I became a superyacht chef without any formal training

Rachel Cunningham has cooked on superyachts in Asia, in the Caribbean, and in the Mediterranean. The superyachts she works on feature submarines, spas, helipads, and even video-editing suites. She's cooked for the Formula 1 champion Niki Lauda, Pharrell Williams, politicians, and royalty.

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