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Nat Geo: Should couples normalize sleeping in separate beds?

Claire Turrell

If your partner snores, experiences insomnia, or has a different body clock, sleeping apart might offer a solution

New research from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine reveals that more than a third of Americans choose to “sleep divorce” their partners, reflecting a growing trend among couples, including celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and Carson Daly, to prioritize sleep quality. 

“We’ve been conned by the idea we should sleep together if we’re in a relationship,” says Neil Stanley, coauthor of A Sleep Divorce: How to Sleep Apart, Not Fall Apart.

Sleep divorce involves couples sleeping in separate beds or bedrooms to improve sleep quality. This practice helps avoid common sleep disturbances like snoring, insomnia, differing sleep schedules, and restlessness, which can lead to fatigue and relationship tension. Here’s what you need to know about the trend and its potential benefits for your health.

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